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Event design is one of the most exciting part of being an event Management. It gives you a chance to get outside of your typical tasks and truly be creative.

The Designing & Decorations is the most important part in a event it want to be unique and beautiful it lends to everlasting impact on your invited guests. There are some tips

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1. Creative a Beautiful Layout

Beautiful Layout
  • Try to do creative ideas and make it maximum utilized
  •  Moving the tables into a good form
  • using a stage or riser in a creative way can draw your audience’s attention
  •  traditional tables and high tops along with more casual seating such as couches gives your guests optional
  • provide many different areas to have conversations and enjoy the event.

2. Do Unique Seating

  • Want excellent Chairs 
  • Arrange the chairs As Beautifully
  • Seating in the round at the center of the stage make the performance Beautiful
  • Arrange the seat as  family style or community seating  
  • Use creative in the style of chair you use
  • You can use hay bales or picnic tables at an outdoor event

3. Color

  • Try to notice inventive ideas for colourise the things that area make Beautiful
  • add color through lights 
  • Uplighting, spotlights and general room lighting are all areas that you can add color to transform your space

4. Display Food

Display Food
  • Be sure to use your food display to create point of interest for your guests
  • Different  items can be made into an interesting display
  • Decorate the food into unique and creative mode

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5. Utilize Photography

  • One price effective way to add visual impact to your event is through art display
  • Large displays can make Beautiful
  • You could also host your event at a local art gallery or museum. 
  • you could use the client’s personal photos to create a lovely display that is sentimental yet beautiful

6. Bring in Natural Elements

Natural Elements
  • Nature can provide a lot beauty to events
  • Try and get creative by using lower cost flowers 
  • Items like branches, or wildflowers 
  • Use traditional flower such as roses
  • Consider moving your event outside

7. Fabrics and Paper

  • Fabrics and decorative papers can add to your theme 
  • Provide wonderful additions of color
  • You can find many fabrics at a lower rate if they are unique or out of season. Paper can be expensive

8. Utilize Your Team

team work
  • Try to use your team and do as much as you can on our own
  • You will need to outsource certain items due to the time they may take to complete
  • Taking projects on yourself will help to reduce some of the extra fees
  • The costs saved will allow you more room in your budget to spend on impressing your guests with the displays and décor
  •  The hard work of your team will pay off and is sure to wow your attendees


  • Make a grand first impression on guests as soon as they arrive
  • Make the entry unique. Dress up the doorway with your theme colors 
  • Make guests feel like they are entering a special place 
  • If your party has a theme, incorporate it at the entry


Wedding Quotes
  • If you have chosen a theme for your party, incorporate it into these signs
  • Get creative and add fun sayings or puns to your signs.This is a simple finishing touch that can round out your theme 
  • Give guests a memorable chuckle

11-Make paper flowers 

Papper Flower
  • create paper petals and blooms to decorate the walls
  • Hang from fixtures and place on tables
  • You have instant flowers and colorful displays for little cost

12-Cover tables creatively 

Table Cover
  • You can find table covers fairly cheap at party stores might not add much to the fun and creativity of your event
  •  Consider alternative sources for table coverings
  •  Cover tables with wrapping paper purchased at a dollar store
  • Consider what disposables you have on hand that would make a creative covering you can simply throw away after the event

13- Rethink your walls 

  • Temporarily swap out art in frames with pictures
  • Replace them with swags and garlands,which make great backdrops for the food table
  • Decorate the wall with hanging bells and flowers 

14- Refresh the bathroom

  • Clear your counters of everything except a fresh bar of soap
  • At least one fresh hand towel
  • Float tea light candles in the bathtub for bonus flair

15- Bring the outdoors in

  • Plants and flowers are great for tropical events, but they also add life to any party
  • Bring outdoor potted plants inside for your party
  • Cut some blooms or even branches from your yard
  • Pick up new plants or flowers at the farmers

16-Decorate with Flowers

Decorate with Flowers
  • Decorate the venue with different flowers
  • Choose flowers based on the Theme 
  • Choose variety of flowers based on the season 
  • Match the flower with lights 

17- Hanging Decor

Hanging Decor
  • Natural beauty that will act as your decor. Having trees is a plus if you want to add a little something extra as they give you a structure 
  • Hang glass bottles with florals, crafty hanging frames and books
  •  If you are undertaking a project that involves hanging items like this,  make sure you have strong rope 

18- Lighting

  • Lighting is key to set the scene for a Event, while this can easily be achieved indoors, you have a little less control outdoors
  • Depending on day light saving and the time of year you are getting event could have natural light up untill 10pm, but it will get dark so you need to be prepared
  • Festoon lighting is a brilliant way to light up a space. The lights themselves look industrial and exposed
  • Working with your venue is key to figure out electrics and safety.
  • Candles are a simple way to light up a space and they create a romantic atmosphere 


  • Balloons keep popping everywhere. If you love the look of the larger ones, keep in mind that they generally cost a lot more
  • For a little less complicated balloon decor, buy one or two colours of the balloons we all know and love and keep the display small
  • You can add ribbon or pretty string to add to the effect

20- Create Ambiance With Candles

  • Soft lighting creates an instant intimate 
  • Fun party vibe and it hides dust bunnies 
  • Lack of other decorations, too. Scatter candles of various heights and sizes about your space
  • Using more lighting around tables and food areas

22- Keep It Casual

Casual Event
  • You don’t need a dining table that seats 20 when the floor will do
  •  Create a casual and intimate atmosphere by crafting a party space with floor pillows and an occasional table
  • This type of party scheme is perfect for simple cocktails and small finger foods, saving you money on food, too

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