On the happiest moment of our life, (like Weddings,Events, Ingratiation) we like to have everyone around us  to be happy. For that, we have to do some methods to make our beautiful moments get interesting and happy. So what can we do, there are many things people had done earlier and going to do in the future but we need is something specifically for us, something we also can enjoy. Why can’t you consider this idea. There are some tricks to make your event attendees happy and interested

Selfie station 


Come let’s take a selfie! Such a decorated selfie station within your wedding hall will make it like a celebrity ceremony and also make you good memory album. The visitors, who you are your friends and family can also carry an everlasting memory with them. Is the newest tricks used to make your event attendees happy and interested

Open catering 


The environment has changed over the centuries but foodie never for the foodies the catering industry also improved. Now catering not only appease our taste buds but also cover all our senses and petrify us. Why can’t give a try for a visual appetizer.

Round chatting table

Round chatting table

Round chatting table is the modest tricks used to make your event attendees happy and interested. It’s your weddings even so many times it will look like a gathering. In this busy world, no one has time to share thoughts and memories with relations. So it’s a wedding or not what matters when all gather it will turn into a chat room in a minute. Hence providing a comfortable sitting arrangement for their chit chat is one of your duties. What there for separate entertainment than getting along with our friends and family.

Wedding film

Wedding film

Playing your blessings and memories as the video clip is trending entertainment nowadays. What are you waiting for, take a camera shoot, get a wedding film Ready

Music, dances, DJ

Music, dances, DJ IN WEDDING

Make a completely entertaining and interactive wedding event with this fabulous musical arrangements. Dance is a must present thing but, the dancers? just hire some of them to entertain your visitors. In grand weddings, it is easy tricks used to make your event attendees happy and interested.


Firecrackers wedding

If you are having an open wedding hall it is a good chance for you to give your attendees a meticulous visual treat. Appearing with fabulous colors in dark Sky the firecrackers had never failed wants to amuse.

Choose Impactful Speakers


Make sure your event have good speakers who can make attension on your attendees by delivering all necessary information in a way that the attendees find it interesting to listen.Poor speakers will spoil the mood of the guests.So, opt for the speakers for your event rigorously, brief them with all the necessary information, and encourage them to deliver the information interestingly and be more engaging. Engaging speech concerning your services can interest your event attendees to forecast you.

Gift through letter

Getting a letter as a weddings gift from your dear ones is the best method to store and preserve their blessings and opinion. Who knows it can also help in a better understanding of your better-half.

 Offer more ways to share ideas and build community

Events aren’t regarding networking, seeing a big-name speaker, or tasting the foremost recent food trend. Events square measure some way to share ideas and build community. Here square measure some ways that to urge the inventive vibes flowing at your event.

  • Make it experiential. In 2018, Dell used experiential marketing at SXSW to build awareness of the brand — and to bring attendees together. Through its “Are You Smarter Than a Mathlete” competition, middle school students competed against adults in a battle of the brain. Winners won Dell laptops and a donation to a charity of their choice, paid for by Dell. Through the competition, Dell found a creative way to engage the attendees and build a community.
  • Offer more ways to meet the experts. Your attendees crave a chance to meet the people behind the scenes, but static booths and stages can create little to no interaction between attendees and other experts. Let’s say you’re hosting a flower expo.Rather than having sales reps at the booths, arrange for the florists themselves to provide onsite flower arrangement demos.
  • Extend the learning after the event.Create a Facebook cluster wherever attendees will still connect and share ideas year-round .To keep the speech going, you’ll produce prompts to spark engagement

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