•  Wedding venue arrangement
Wedding Venue

One of the first part in a wedding planning is to finding the location that matches with our wedding theme and budget.Our Events provides recommendations and informations on all venue available including accommodation facilities in Wedding Management.It saves you the time in searching and provides the best options to match your vision, style and your budget.

Our Events provide arrangements on your  occasion like hotels, party house, ceremony, church, temples  and also we fix mandapam arrangements.Our Events decorate your venue as unique and beautiful. We have a team to creative ideas to design your venue as much attractive. We ensure that your guest will love your venue and it will be  most memorable event. We will provide suitable and attractive arrangement for your different occasion or venue.   

  •  Designing  & Decorations 

The Designing & Decorations is the most important part in  a wedding scene it want to be unique and beautiful it lends to everlasting impact on your invited guests.  Our Events have a great team in the designing & decorations section and we produce color schemes and design boards, for the perfect accessories and decorate your venue with hanging decorations, scattering petals, tying ribbons and putting all the finishing touches and make your venue as much beautiful.we have several ready-made plans for design and decoration which can be readily modified and personalized for our esteemed clients.

 We will also decorate your venue with your favorite flowers.Our designing & decorations team will help you by telling the information of this.We provide most beautiful and unique flowers based on the season.You can choose the colour of it. We will provide organic and artificial flowers as you like. Organic flowers are based on the seasons and artificial flowers can be made as you like. 

  • Arrival Arrangement
Wedding Arrival

The journey to your wedding venue will be one of the most memorable of your life, hence you should take care that it should be done with great style.Entering the wedding venue with a great style that the guests would remember for a long time.Our Events will do Bride and Groom arrival arrangements. We have a grand and Buetifull arrangements to arrival parties at cheap rates.

We provide impressive transport facilities to our Bride and Groom. We would also arrange a beautiful  band party in the arrival section in Wedding Management. We also  take care of all your travel arrangements such as ticket and hotel bookings, providing cars at the railway stations and airports for the entire wedding entourage.

  • Photography and Videography
wedding photography

A skillful professional should be able to produce in the wedding photography and Videography that will help us to get the joy, love and intimacy between the couple. Wedding albums is the  joyful thing to seeing in the future for getting the amazing wedding albums we want to choose the right photographers and Videographers.

Our Events have professional photographers and Videographers as based on your budget. We can ensure that our photographers and Videographers are highly talented so we can utilise it .Our photographers capture all the joy, love and intimacy between the couple and with relatives. Our photography team will edit it and create albums so you can collect that at last. Photography and Videography are optional it is based on your concern.

  • Security

Security is one of the necessary parts of the wedding. because there are lot of guests attending various wedding ceremony which includes the expensive clothing and jewelry which is displayed prominently in any wedding and the bride and the groom wears expensive ornaments and designer clothes. So the security is must. Our guest wants to be secured and there products ( Gift) also.

Our Events offer a wedding security service with high levels of protection,. With qualified security officers we will ensure that your venue stays secure but we can also do other duties to make your day run smoothly. we have skilled  securities on parking section. It is the most strained thing in a kerala we mainly post securities on parking section.we have lot of securities to issue. It also a optional.. 


.Wedding day  is the most special moment in our life  that deserves extra-special care and attention.Our guest want to enjoy the food and the serving style it is the most important thing in a wedding Management.Any event whether it is a marriage or a party or any other occasion, when any person invite his friends and family for celebration is not complete without the food, most of the people forget the event after some years but they don;t forget the food taste year after year and it will always be remarkable.

  Our Events have catering service with different type  of food items. as you like we will provide it with your preferable budget. We have hundreds of catering men’s  and ladies in the ladies section. We have a delicious food items and It is listed bellow.